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ClariBOX: smart controller System

Patent pending

Advanced control system for the most effective plant production

1. What is clariBOX?

An automated smart controller system used to really upgrade your growing enclosure. We will provide bright, cool-running lights to maximize photosynthesis in your growing environment. When you increase the light, you must also increase water, fertilizers, and CO2 levels to really maximum the plant growth. Our controller doses all these automatically to keep an optimal VPD (Vapor-pressure deficit) inside the growing enclosure. You may have had a bad experience in the past, keeping up with all the challenges of growing. Now you can hit one button and forget about it, even when on vacation.
To be clear: We are not selling growing enclosures. We are offering what goes into your growing enclosure: lighting, sensors, fertilizer reservoir and pumps, weighing your plants, and controlling temperature, humidity, and CO2. We also provide our powerBOX to control your lights, exhaust fans, circulating fans, and heater.
And to control it all, with “one-button” growing, we will provide you with our clariCTRL controller.
Everything but the enclosure!

2. What is “one-button growing”?

For some of the more popular seeds or clones, grown with a known light intensity, you will be able to start your growth cycle with just the touch of a button. You may have to do some fine-tuning during the first growth cycle but after the recipe is optimized it will truly be a one button system.

3. What is clariCTRL?

We have our own smart controller, with an LCD color touchscreen and Wi-Fi connection. All the controller’s parameters can be setup using the touchscreen, desktop PC app, or our clariCLOUD website. Our controller runs on a 12V wall-mount power supply and has a ruggedized, water resistant aluminum case.
ClariCTRL interacts with our powerBox which has 120V receptacles to run lights, fans, reservoir pumps, and heaters. We also use it to acquire data from the pH sensor, EC sensor, temperature and humidity sensors, reservoir level sensors, CO2 sensors, and soil moisture sensors.

4. Can I grow different types or stages of plants all at the same time?

No. You can grow multiple plants, but they should all be the same type and at the same stage of growth. We will treat them all the same, and it is not practical to control the growth of a group of dissimilar plants.

5. What is the CO2 enhancement equipment?

Our controller has the ability to inject CO2 through a solenoid which maximizes plant growth. You do need to make sure that your growing enclosure is air tight and is vented outside. Also, we don’t add CO2 during dark hours – where CO2 cannot be used.
Are enhanced CO2 levels dangerous?

6. Are enhanced CO2 levels dangerous?

Almost never a problem. We are enhancing CO2 levels to 1200ppm. Outdoor air is typically 400ppm. Your breath is around 5000ppm. At 1200ppm, even if there is a leak, there would not be serious health risks.

7. What is clariCLOUD?

ClariCTRL will link up to your Wi-Fi if you want, where you can go to the www.sunshineboosters.com and register your unit and set up your growth cycle. If you don’t want to be on the web, you can also download a PC-based app and setup your controller that way. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, the website or GUI will walk you through it.
As we get more growers working with us, we will setup “one-button growing TM” where all these parameters are optimized for starting with a particular plant strain.

8. Do I have to do ANYTHING during the growth cycle of my plants?

You will get an occasional email or display prompting you to mix more fertilized water, flush your system, check your CO2 tank, leak-check you tent, calibrate your pH meter, or a few other things.
There are some duties you will still need to perform manually: change out the fertilized water, occasionally check soil (or substrate) moisture, adjust the pH of your RO or distilled water. You will be prompted for those activities over email or, if you don’t have web access, the alert will display on the controller screen with an audio alarm.

9. Support?

Yes! Just ask for what you need. We are constantly improving and extending our software and hardware based on user feedback and our own applications. A QR code right on the front panel of each module takes you directly to support documents, downloads, and online chat with our engineers when you need it.

10. Show me!

Arizona lab@ Clarify.One: 5024 S Ash Ave, Suite 106, Tempe, AZ 85282, +1 628-CLARIFY