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A magic plant hormone so wanted by gardeners, is finally here!

When people purchase plants and trees either on-line, or from their local nursery, expectation and anticipation for their new find is high. Many times, however, disappointment is encountered due to a variety of reasons. These reasons include changes in light, temperature, water, soil conditions and transportation; just to name a few. So how can the stress on newly transported and transplanted plants be mitigated? Easy! There are plant stimulators able to reduce the shock encountered.

One such plant stimulator, is SUNSHINE Epi™, a revolutionary, broad spectrum, plant stress reliever. Extracted initially from plant pollen, SUNSHINE Epi™ can bring back and keep the vigor to stressed plants in both the home and garden. Sunshine is indeed a plant stimulator on the cutting edge of plant care technology. Reasonably priced, and easy to use, SUNSHINE Epi™ will be your plant's best friend, next to yourself, of course.

The principals at TT Laboratories have a combined experience of over 125 years of growing and caring for some of the rarest, and most beautiful botanical specimens on the planet. So let our experience and hard work, in the hot Florida sun, be of benefit to your gardening experience.

SUNSHINE Epi™ will help your plants:
- recover from stress
- dramatically increase growth rate
- get profuse flowering and fruiting
- improve disease resistance, cold hardiness, and heat resistance
- promote seed germination and root cuttings easily

Great for indoor plants!

Without and with SUNSHINE Epi™

Using different concentrations

Cabbage (brassica sp.) with SUNSHINE Epi™ treatment

Tomato seedlings without and with SUNSHINE Epi™

What is SUNSHINE Epi™?

SUNSHINE Epi™ is a new improved formula of natural plant growth hormone and the first representative of a new generation of agricultural chemicals, specifically designed for tropical plants, vegetables, and fruit trees.

SUNSHINE Epi™ has a broad spectrum of stimulative and protective activities. Synthetically prepared chemical 24-epibrassinolide, active ingredient of SUNSHINE™, belongs to a class of brassinosteroids and is identical in all respects to naturally occurring plant hormone. SUNSHINE™ products are better stabilized than any previous chemicals of this group. A new improved formula of this plant stimulant contains special ingredients that provide more effective and faster action of the hormone.

SUNSHINE Epi™ formula is designed specifically for tropical plants, including

- flowering ornamentals and fruit trees
- woody species which metabolism is usually slower than one of herbaceous plants
- vegetables, leafy and tuberous, and herbs

SUNSHINE Epi™ acts in extremely low doses, which are comparable with the natural content of epibrassinolide in a plant. It is ecologically safe, nontoxic in relation to human, pets, useful insects and fish.

The compatibility of SUNSHINE Epi™ with other agricultural chemicals allows it to be used along with other treatments.

Tomato seedlings, with and without Sunshine-E treatment; 1 week after treatment, 09-01-2016

History of use

The first brassinosteroid was isolated in the end 1970 in the US by Mitchell, from bee-collected pollen of Yellow Turnip (brassica napus). Today many brassinosteroids have been isolated from different plants and more then twenty-years or research proved importance of these naturally occured hormones for plant growth and development. Unfortunately, pollen contains very small amount of brassinosteroids, almost 100 lb of pollen is required to produce 5 mg of the hormone. That's why a chemical synthesis is the only way to produce it.

Active ingredient, Epibrassinolide, has a long history of horticultural use worldwide, and particularly in Russia, where it has been used under name Epin, for not only garden applications but also for commercial scale crop improvements, including cold tolerance, heat resistance of commercial crops like tomatoes, cucumber and other vegetables. Epin has been officially patented in Russia and Belarus in 1992, and it is used for treatment of different agricultural crops (cereals, legumes, potato and vegetables, sugar beet, flax, cotton), ornamental, and for commercial applications in horticulture. It is now widely used by gardeners and plant collectors in European countries to stimulate growth rate, enhance blooming, help plants recover from transportation and re-potting stress, and for successful propagation.

Epibrassinolide has been tested for many years in greenhouses of Top tropicals (one of the founders of TT Laboratories) on tropical plants, rare, tender, sensitive species. The research showed amazing results beyond any expectations. Throughout the years, formula has been evaluated and improved.

For over a decade this hormone has been used by Top tropicals horticulturists and their customers, and became a favorite “magic juice” for plants. Years ago it was imported from Russia in small 1 ml vials and was quite expensive. TT Laboratories, together with Top tropicals specialists, finally have developed a new, improved, and more cost efficient formula, and are proud to have now our own product, Made In The USA!

This hormone has been very popular among Top tropicals customers for the past decade. According to the gardeners' feedback, it is very effective treatment for plants recovery after shipping. Indeed, it improves plant development in non-tropical environment, and is a great help for a zone-pushing plant collector who grows tropicals on a windowsill or in a temperate greenhouse.

SUNSHINE Epi™ advantages

SUNSHINE Epi™ Improves:

- immunity of a plant, resistance to pesticide injury and diseases, stresses and unfavorable conditions such as drought, cold, low light, low humidity, high salinity, chill, insufficient nutrients
- quality and weight of a fruit, promotes fruit setting
- flowering profusion and tuber formation

SUNSHINE Epi™ Stimulates:

- physiological processes and growth of a plant (all parts), shortens the period for maturity
- root development in cuttings
- seed germination, increases germination rate
- new roots and healing of damaged roots on bare-rooted plants

SUNSHINE Epi™“Magic” effects:

- effective post-transportation treatment to help plants to recover from shipping stress
- diminishes disease injury
- induces hermaphrodite flower and female flower
- makes leaves look healthy and shiny
- makes flowers bigger
- can inhibit aging
- can break dormancy
- gives more chances to bring a plant back to life within hours/days

SUNSHINE Epi™ facts and actions

Iochroma australis rooted cutting before and after using SUNSHINE™ (3 weeks difference):

Plants sprayed during acclimatization by SUNSHINE™ solution have uniform and large leaves:


- NOT a "magic-cure-all" medicine where one can't find its active ingredient. The hormone is well-known and used in different countries along with other hormones for promote growth, fruiting, blooming, rooting, etc.
- NOT bringing a dead plant back to live and it should be used only when needed: for stressed plants, for plants which need extra boost. Don't use it all the time. It's as bad as using steroids for building your muscles.
- NOT a fertilizer and won't replace it. You have to apply fertilizer and micro-element solution to keep your plants healthy.
- NOT a substitution for a proper plant care. It won't help if you keep a plant dry, dark and starving.

Formulation and Application

Dilution. For best results, dilute SUNSHINE Epi™ concentrate in DISTILLED water, according to the table below. Formulation is most stable in neutral and mild acidic conditions. Do not use tap water, drinking or natural spring water. Distilled water can be purchased in any grocery store for about $0.99 per gallon.

Mixing. try to avoid mixing it with any other chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. If sprayers were used previously for others chemicals, they must be washed with fresh water.

Application. Use solution for soaking (seeds, bulbs, cuttings) or foliar spray. The formula is created for absorption through foliage, not roots, so do not try to water with solution. Plants should be evenly sprayed in clear windless day, seeds should be soaked for 4-8 hours. See table below for more possible applications. Do not spray if rain is expected. Re-spray if it rains within 12 hours.

When and how. Better results are obtained when young plants are treated. The formula works through plant metabolism within 2-4 days, repeat application not sooner than in one week. Optimal temperature for absorption is below 80F. During hot season, apply during cooler time of the day, early morning or evening hours. try to avoid hot sun rays after application as photo-degradation may occur to active ingredient at excessive light.

Dosage of SUNSHINE Epi™

Plant type When to apply treatment Concentration in water

Herbaceous plants

beginning of flowering

foliar spray

2.5 ml per 1 gal

Blooming woody shrubs, trees, vines

at budding

foliar spray

2.5 ml per 1 gal

Fruit trees

at budding and after flowering

foliar spray / ev. 20 days

2.5 ml per 1 gal

Caudex forming plants and bonsai

once a month to promote caudex forming,
branching after pruning

foliar spray (SUNSHINE™-BC)

5 ml per 1 gal

Bulbs and tubers

before planting

soaking for 24 hours

2.5 ml per 1 gal


at flowering or tuber forming

foliar spray / ev. 20 days

2.5 ml per 1 gal


before sowing

soaking for 4-8 hrs

1 ml per 1 gal


once a week to promote rapid growth and root development

foliar spray

1 ml per 1 gal


before planting

soaking for 12 hours

1 ml per 1 gal

Bare-rooted plants

before planting

soaking for 15-30 min,
foliar spray at potting

2.5 ml per 1 gal

Pre-treatment before stress

before cool/drought period or transportation

1-2 days prior

2.5 ml per 1 gal

Stressed plants

after transportation or re-potting

every 7-10 days until recovered

2.5 ml per 1 gal

Convenient dropper bottle is great for small applications: 1 ml = 30 drops.
2.5 ml = approx. 1/2 tea spoon


- Store SUNSHINE Epi™ concentrate in dry and cool place. Refrigeration is ok, but do not freeze.
- Do not store solution, prepare right before use as much as you need
- Keep away from food and out of reach of children

Chemical and Physical Properties of Active Ingredient

Chemical mechanism: active ingredient, Epibrassinolide, can increase synthesis of IAA, ABA and ethylene, promote individual cell expansion, and thus enhance plant growth. This is realized via complex sequence of biochemical shifts such as activation or suppression of key enzymatic reactions, promotion of protein synthesis, activation of photosynthesis, etc. Stable in neutral and mild acidic solutions, unstable in alkaline solutions.

Chemical name: (22R,23R,24R)-2a,3a,22,23-tetrahydroxy-24-methyl-B-homo-7-oxa-5a-cholestan-6-one.

Molecular formula: C28H48O6, Molecular weight: 480, no characteristic odor; it is sparingly soluble in water.

Toxicology and Ecological safety

SUNSHINE Epi™ has the natural bioregulator as an active ingredient. It traditionally participates in food chains of people and mammalians and its metabolic pathway is evolutionary habitual for them. This fact is an important prerequisite for considering SUNSHINE Epi™ as ecologically safe nontoxic chemical, that has been supported by the toxicological studies. Moreover, stimulation by SUNSHINE Epi™ of natural resources of a plant allows to diminish the employment of other plant protective agents, some of which are conflicting with respect to the environment. SUNSHINE Epi™ is a representative of a new generation of agricultural chemicals, which have no interference with the environment, act in natural doses and in a natural way.

SUNSHINE Epi™ MSDS (PDF downoad)

Upcoming research

Fruit and crops

..According to research, SUNSHINE Epi™ can decrease physiological drop from fruit trees, including Citrus species, peach, apple, pear and persimmon. The bud-appearing stage, the flowering stage and the young fruit stage are preferred...

...SUNSHINE Epi™ has a yield increasing effect on field crops and vegetables such as rice, corn, soybean, wheat, tomato and cucumber...

Potential virus cure

...Based on research conducted by Top tropicals on Hibiscus plants, brassinolide applications greatly improved plant immunity and ability to fight viral diseases. treated plants showed amazing results with leaf virus completely gone...
See also article by Daniel Gilbride (tropical treasures, #2) who experimented with epinobrassinolide on his hibiscus plants and cured hibiscus virus.

Fruit trees cure

...With regard to many fruit tree conditions, SUNSHINE Epi™ may be the cure we have been seeking. Some diseases are caused by bacterias which in many ways act like a virus. Whether a tree is allergic to the bacteria itself, or chemical(s) the bacteria are producing, the tree is "itchy". Everywhere there is a differentiation in tissue: leaves, branches, grafting interface and root system, we find the tissues are clogged with flavinoids, particularly caratenoids. SUNSHINE Epi™ may be the plant "benedryl" for which we have been searching for...

Pictures of Experiment Protocols - applications with different concentrations










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