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ClariFARM: plant growing System

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Advanced control system for the most effective plant production


1. What is clariFARM?

ClariFARM is an automated fertilizer mixing and distribution system for large-scale indoor growing operations. We will work with you in setting it up at any stage of your operation, from setting up a new growing operation to upgrading a manual watering system with a fulling automated one. We provided a controller, main pump, power receptacles, solenoid valves, 1-inch piping, waste water handing, drippers, and dosing pumps. We dose from liquid fertilizer mixes in bottles. We also provided a set of scales (clariWEIGH) to monitor water dispensing and track the growth rate of each plant.

2. What is clariCTRL?

We have our own controller, with an LCD color touchscreen and Wi-Fi connection. All the controller’s parameters can be setup using the touchscreen, desktop PC app, or clariCLOUD website. Our controller runs on a 12V wall-mount power supply and has a ruggedized aluminum case.
ClariCTRL interacts with our powerBox which has 120V receptacles to run lights, fans, reservoir pumps, and heaters. We also use it to control take data from the pH sensor, EC sensor, temperature and humidity sensors, reservoir level sensors, CO2 sensors, and soil moisture sensors.

3. What is installed?

We will install:

- solenoid valves (up to 10) for tables. Each table can have up to 100 sites (plants)
- main pump for the entire piping arrangement
- fertilizer dosing stations (up to 8) for liquid fertilizer and PH adjust bottles
- RO water inlet solenoid
- Piping and drippers
- Wi-Fi connected Controller
- We provide pipe layout drawing for sign-off approval before job starts
- We will do final checkouts and calibration runs for sign-off approval

We don't typically install (but could for extra materials costs and job time):

- RO system
- mixing tank
- electric outlets near your mixing tank
- waste dump handler
- Wi-Fi router
- work that requires a local, licensed contractor

4. Can I install clariFARM system myself?

You could do pipe drippers to our specification, which is a lot of the labor.
We need to do the rest, as it is fairly difficult and in involves installing electrics and initial calibration.

5. Do I get a set of plans before you start install?

Yes, on our first trip we take measurements of your facility and make plans, that way we can guarantee a smooth installation process.

6. How accurate is the volume of water irrigation?

Our data indicates all sites are withing +/-3 ounces of a particular goal for watering greater than one pint (16 ouncers or about 0.5 liter). Typical watering is bigger than that.

7. Why do I need pH sensor? How often should the pH sensor be calibrated?

We recommend using RO water, which screens out a lot of dissolved solids from city water. We don’t want them in our precision growing environment. Usually the EC of city water is 50 – 800 ppm, RO water that is usually less than 30ppm. However, RO water is acidic so we have to add back a mild alkali to balance the pH. Every pH sensor needs periodic calibration, typically every three months. Your controller will remind you.

8. How many plants can be irrigated?

We can design and build a system for any number of plants.

9. How far away from the main pump can the plants be? Can we irrigate plants located on second floor?

We can design a system with powerful enough pump to irrigate plants located very far and at any height.

10. Will my irrigation develop mold over time?

We recommend a second pass of pure water to clean out the tank and pipes. This is part of the software, so all you have to do is enable this feature.

11. Does your system work for traditional hydroponics?

At the moment, our mixing tank and distribution piping is setup for one-way flow, with no returns.

12. What is the minimum and maximum size of our mixing tank?

We recommend between 100 and 500 gallons. Think of the maximum number of plants in any one of your three cycles, then divide by 4 and add 50. For example, 600 plants would be 200 gallons of water.

13. How do I know when I need to do something?

The controller has alerts and the website will send you email prompts when events occur that must be address. For example: calibrate the pH meter, change the RO filters, replace a fertilizer bottle that is nearly empty

14. Support?

Yes! Just ask for what you need. We are constantly improving and extending our software and hardware based on user feedback and our own applications. A QR code right on the front panel of each module takes you directly to support documents, downloads, and online chat with our engineers when you need it.

10. Show me!

Arizona lab@ Clarify.One: 5024 S Ash Ave, Suite 106, Tempe, AZ 85282, +1 628-CLARIFY