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ClariWEIGH: track plant growth over time

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Advanced control system for the most effective plant production

ClariWEIGH is a weight scale that reports the weight of the plant during its entire growth cycle.

It is especially good for tracking exactly how much fertilized water was dosed and the optimum time for the next dose.

Compare your present growth cycles to previous in much the same way as a pediatrician tracks a baby’s growth to historical averages!

Accurate Feedback for Growers, from 1 to 1,000 Plants
Provides weight, temperature, and humidity feedback to monitor pant growth
Web-bases interface to track growth rate over time
Allows for more accurate water dosing
Helps diagnose plant growth issues

clariWEIGH scale system provides feedback on watering systems

The Details

A useful new tool is now available to growers looking to increase their profits. A weight scale is placed underneath the plant to track periodic watering and pant growth over time. This feedback allows a grower to correct growing problems before it’s too late, and to select the best specimens for cloning.
The weight data is sent to a secure website where it can be accessed at any time for download or analysis. The website also provides useful data-analysis tools without having to create your own.


Everything you need to know about clariWEIGH

1. What is clariWEIGH ?

ClariWEIGH is a weight scale designed to put underneath your plant to track its growth over time. It tracks plant growth data through our secure website, or you can operate without the web by using our downloadable PC-based app. It will do a weighing before and after watering so that water can be dosed precisely. It also keeps a weight record of the entire growth cycle, from seed to harvest.
ClariWEIGH is part of clariFAM, family of modular, expandable, feature-rich, fully customizable, yet very affordable control systems for different applications.
ClariWEIGH is a useful new tool is now available to growers of expensive plants. A precision weight scale is placed underneath the plant pot to track the periodic watering exact amount.

2. What is clariCTRL ?

ClariCTRL is the microcomputer brain of clariFARM. Provides local and remote programmatic control of all features, and logging and charting.
LCD touchscreen, programmable soft buttons, trend charting
Interchangeable communications modules: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB

3. Why do I need to weigh my plants?

The growth rate of your plants is probably the most important data you can get in order to determine plant health. In addition, when you weigh before and after a watering, you get information you can use to tweak your drippers to dispense exactly the amount you need, with very little wasted fertilizer or water. This a big money saver.

4. Why do I need to use clariWEIGH?

You can monitor plant weight to precisely determine when it needs to get watered

5. How accurate is the weighing?

It should measure within ±1 Oz (28 grams) repeatability.

6. What is the maximum that can be weighed?

The scale goes up to 50kg (110 pounds).

7. How many plants can I monitor?

clariWEIGH can support from 1 to 1000 plants simultaneously.

8. What do I do if some plants are not getting accurate watering?

A small adjustable valve should be installed in front of your dripper to give you control of flow rate. If that adjustment doesn’t allow the flow rate to be equalized, you might have a bad dripper or a clog upstream.

9. How do I know if my plants are growing fast enough?

We are working on gathering growth data for various popular plants strains. The weight data can be compared with previous crops and adjustments can be made during the growth cycle to improve the plants final harvest weight.

10. To save money, can I have a clariWEIGH for every other plant, or every ten plants?

Having one clariWEIGH for every 10 or more plants is a good way to save money for professional growers with a large installation. As long as all the plants are getting the same amount of water, fertilizer, and light.

11. How to I connect my controller to my WiFi?

When you open the shipping box, and plug in our controller for the first time, it will wake up in Access Point Mode where you can use your smartphone to enter your network name (SSID) and passphrase. After that, the controller quickly finds your router (Station Mode), and will do so for every power up in the future. If you move, or just want to use a different router, hold the button down during powerup and your controller will revert to Access Point Mode where you can then enter the new SSID and passphrase.

12. How can I access data?

clariCTRL data can be directly sent to your smart phone or stored in cloud.

13. Support?

Yes! Just ask for what you need. We are constantly improving and extending our software and hardware based on user feedback and our own applications. A QR code right on the front panel of each module takes you directly to support documents, downloads, and online chat with our engineers when that's what you need.

14. Show me!

Arizona lab@ Clarify.One: 5024 S Ash Ave, Suite 106, Tempe, AZ 85282, +1 628-CLARIFY