NEW Carefree Garden Smart System CONTROLLER

(Patent pending)

Advanced control system for the most effective plant production
Easy mix and match control for gardens or greenhouses of all types

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Combining a thorough understanding of greenhouse and indoor growing environments with unique technology for irrigation control and nutrient management, The Carefree Garden Smart Controller system provides a complete control solution for both greenhouse or commercial-scale production facilities.
The most important components of a grow room are the right temperature, light, water, nutrients, and humidity levels. Customized to each grower’s requirements and adaptable to their changing needs, Carefree Garden Smart Controller system enables them to operate their growing facilities exactly the way they want. It will be easy to make sure that the temperature and humidity levels remain in the correct zone based on what is best for the plants. It requires less effort on your part since you do not have to do constant monitoring.
The right tools will do the job on your behalf!

The Carefree Garden Smart Controller

Automated plant growing system The innovative Carefree Garden Smart Controller will eliminate all the stress associated with growing. For example, when growing plants in hydroponics, one mistake made with fertilization can destroy all of your crops and months of investment you made in growing plants. The Carefree Garden Smart Controller takes all the stress away. The Carefree Garden Smart System (Patent pending) is a menu-driven controller, accessed by smartphone or computer, designed to automate watering, fertilizing, lighting, temperature and CO2 levels. It is suitable for use in agricultural applications including vertical farming, urban gardening, hydroponic growing, indoor and outdoor plant cultivation and greenhouses of all sizes from backyard to commercial.  Because of the precise watering settings available, the system really shines when it comes to water savings and conservation.  Choose from a variety of our patented sensors for the carefreeHUB.  A companion device, the carefreePOWER (smart power system) connects to a carefreeHUB and runs any 24VAC water-valve, any peristaltic pump and any device needing 110vAC receptacles.  This easy mix-and-match install allows you to schedule accurate fertilizer dosing as needed at each watering in drip irrigation systems.  There is virtually no limit on the size of the system or distances involved.  The Carefree Garden Smart System uses off-the-shelf and reliable ethernet (CAT5/6) cables with long-range wired communication protocols and unlimited connections.

All setup and operation is done from a smartphone (or laptop) interface via an embedded web server (access point), which does not require Internet access or through an existing Wi-Fi network.  Data is stored either locally or on the web.  All attached units are automatically detected for very simple setup.  Users may specify on/off times of water valves, pumps and fertilizer injectors based on time-of-day, sunrise, or sensor triggers.  Liquid fertilizer mixes can change over the life cycle of the user’s crop.  

For large water tanks we offer an EC sensor, and for super-precision greenhouse growing a Load Cell Sensor.  For greenhouses our CO2 sensor can trigger a CO2 outlet valve.  

Future firmware updates of the modules will allow for autonomous maintenance and the addition of new functions remotely.

Why should I use the Carefree Garden?

It is a Smart system for growing plants with minimal human intervention.
You can easily get a large, premium quality crop.
It is easily configurable for a wide range of applications; from small grow boxes to large greenhouses
It is ideal for growing plants in pots and hydroponic installations.

How Carefree Garden does it

Carefree Garden collects environmental parameters: air and soil temperature, humidity levels, light levels, and other parameters. After processing the data, Carefree Garden creates ideal conditions for the growth and development of plants, helping you obtain the best possible yield.

How Carefree Garden creates ideal conditions for plants

Parameters ideal for the life cycle of a plant are regulated by controlling equipment - pumps, fans, lighting, etc. A precisely calculated amount of fertilizer is automatically supplied when watering, depending on the stage of plant development ... and much more.

Is it easy to work with Carefree Garden?

Yes, our concise user interface requires no special training. Even when you turn on the device for the first time, you can easily configure the system by specifying the time to turn on the lights, watering time, and many other parameters.

Carefree Garden consists of two modules:

carefreeHUB: module for collecting and processing data, and making decisions.
carefreePOWER: smart module for controlling external devices.

And that's it, no more controllers. If you need to control many devices, simply plug in one or more carefree POWER modules.

carefreeHUB: the decision making module

14 Connection ports for connecting sensors. The sensor type is detected automatically, so each sensor can be connected to any port of the device.
Automatically Connects to our broad family of sensors. New sensor types will be added in the future.
Simple and intuitive user friendly interface.     
Unique built-in scripting language for advanced applications.
You are not limited by the standard set of sensors: you can use any combination of sensors.
Logging of all sensor and event data with visual charts.
Do you need a lot of temperature sensors to conduct experiments? No problem.
Need to connect your own sensor that is not included in the package? No problem, customized sensors can be designed as per customer's request
Not enough connectors? Just connect another module. Any number of carefreeHUBs can be connected for limitless numbers of sensors or carefreePOWER units.
Can be connected to the Internet, providing remote access to all devices.
RS485 industry-standard bus for communication between devices, over standard ethernet cables (CAT5/6).
Real time clock allowing precision scheduling.      
Calibration of sensors: by users provides precise and accurate measurements.      
Alarms: color light and sound. Remote alarms via emails or messages.  
Internet missing? No problem. carefreeHUB has a built-in standalone web server allowing you to control the system as if you were there.

Standard set of sensors:
Digital sensor for air and water temperature.
Air humidity sensor.
Soil moisture sensor.
Lux and Plant Light Units (PAR) sensor.

Premium set includes the following sensors:
Carbon dioxide sensor.
PH acidity sensor and water quality (EC) sensor.

Looking for other sensors? Air methane sensor? Sensor for non-contact temperature measurement? No problem, you can connect them.

carefreePOWER: module for controlling external devices

Max current 120V / 15A (220V/13A - European Version EV).
Resettable fuse protection
GFCI protected  
5 controllable sockets for connecting equipment
16 - 12Voutputs with support for pulse-width modulation – for control of illuminators, pumps for fertilizer supply and much more.
8 – 24VAC outputs for control of electro-valves for water supply.
4 analog inputs for connecting water level sensors, leak sensors and other emergencies.
Connects to carefreeHUB by standard Ethernet cable. Devices can be daisy-chained allowing for a virtually unlimited number of controlled devices.

Due to the easily changeable program of actions, the Carefree Garden system can be used for any tasks related to the control of various devices. Carefree Garden is a configurable industrial controller. The system can be configured to control and monitor various production processes and industrial equipment.

Carefree Garden is an irreplaceable and reliable assistant for managing any process.

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Precision growing:
Engineering Approach to Cannabis Cultivation

Presentation by Michael Dubinovsky - download PDF


Yield, quality, and quantity can all be significantly increased using a scientific approach to cannabis plant growing.
Growing yield can be significantly increased by using an advanced micro-controller system which monitors the following critical elements and maintains optimal levels: light, CO2, temperature, PH, humidity, and water and nutrient levels. This system provides full automation of sensing, sequencing, charting, logging, and alarms.

Alongside these electronic components, advanced plant nutrients give consistent optimal dosing during each stage of plant development. This system has been proven to significantly enhance plant growth during field trials at one of the leading cannabis growing facilities in Oklahoma.

Professional Summary

Michael Dubinovsky - Sunshine Boosters Co-Founder

Michael has been an opto-electronic engineer for over 30 years, working for various industries, including lighting, opto-electronics, defense, lasers, etc. However, growing live plants was his lifetime passion. He co-founded - one of the leading live tropical plants growers, located in Florida. Later he decided to apply his technical expertise to creating a scientifically based controlled growing environment for plants, including cannabis, so people can get the very best results from their plants.

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