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TopTropicals d.b.a. Sunshine Boosters was created in 2001 and incorporated in 2003. The founders and still current owners, T&M, travelled the world in search of rare tropical plants and seeds. “To continue our research on tropical plants, we never used any grants or sponsors. By selling plants, we have been raising our own funds to move forward, so we could supply the World with more interesting information on plants, and gardeners with more additions to their rare plant collections.  For many years, TopTropicals.com has remained a favorite website of many tropical plant lovers.”

Today, TopTropicals is a 2-acre Garden Center and Nursery with a shipping department in Ft Myers, FL., and has become the world’s leading tropical plant source and online store, growing and shipping tropical plants worldwide. Based on extensive experience in growing plants, the company scientists created their own line of effective fertilizers. The engineering approach to the development and testing allowed them to create a new Precision Plant Growing method. If you saw spectacular plants at TopTropicals.com, now you know the secret of their beauty and vigor – Sunshine Boosters ™!

And, from that, a new company was born. In early 2021 TopTropicals purchased a 7 acre farm located in Sebring, FL that is now home to a large plant growing and propagation farm and also incorporates a new Sunshine Boosters™ manufacturing facility.

What is Sunsine Boosters™?


Sunshine Boosters™ is a patent pending Complete Plant Nutrition System made simple: just add water! Amino acid based, eco-friendly Sunshine Boosters are perfect for organic gardens, hydroponic operations, vertical, greenhouse and urban farming facilities, and cannabis/hemp farms.


Sunshine Boosters™ Complete Plant Nutrition is an ultimate daily feeding system for hydroponics and container plants that provides all essential macro- and micro-elements. All boosters are scientifically formulated to provide a full spectrum of necessary elements in the right proportions for each stage of plant development.


Sunshine Boosters™ contain no excess salts unlike many commonly used liquid fertilizers. Stable formulas have no EDTA chelators (to eliminate nutrient lockup in soil) and precise amounts of fertilizers which makes them suitable for continuous use. They are manufactured with natural, high quality, purified raw mineral components, including organic and amino acids.


Sunshine Boosters™ are unique products, because they are made from pharmaceutical grade amino acids, unlike some other amino-based fertilizers derived from protein hydrolyzate. They do NOT contain: EDTA, ammonia salts, urea, potent plant stimulants, flavors or sweeteners, components of animal origin or products of its processing. They can be used to grow vegan food. Sunshine Boosters™ do not affect the pure crop taste and flavor. This makes them ideal for plants that are meant to be volatilized (tuned into a vapor), or burned like marijuana, or turned into edible products such as gummies with or without THC.


Sunshine Boosters™ make plants vigorous and healthy by satisfying all macro- and micronutrient needs. The use of Amino acids greatly enhances stability of all nutrients and provides excellent absorbtion of trace elements.


Sunshine Boosters™ make plants grow faster and bigger. They increase crop yield and boost your profits.

Sunshine Boosters™ help to maintain an optimum pH level (5.5-6.5) of soil substrate which does not require additional flushing for hydroponic plants.

Sunshine Boosters™ will keep the quality of your product at the highest level possible.

Sunshine Boosters™ will give you more output with a better quality fertilizer for the price of traditional old-school products.


The PRO SERIES of Sunshine Boosters™ fertilizers are specifically engineered for high yield hydroponics. They are adapted to both small and large scale growing facilities, especially formulated for growing cannabis plants (marijuana and hemp). The use of four solutions (Advantage, BloomBoom, Constanta, Ca-Support) allows you to precisely control the nutrition of plants depending on the phase of development and is suitable for a wide range of plant species. Only three simple components are used at the same time for a complete feed. Just add boosters to the irrigation water according to the Feeding Chart and apply through dosing systems or hand watering. Use the Professional Grower drop down menu above for more information about each product.

Our COMBO SERIES of Sunshine Boosters™ fertilizers is designed for a home garden and consists of several formulas of concentrated plant food for different plant types. Each bottle is an “all-in-one” solution containing all necessary nutrients in one solution:

Bombino - for young plants and propagation projects
Robusta - for foliage and vegetative growth
Megaflor - bloom booster
C-Cibus - crop booster for fruit trees
Mango-Tango - for mango trees
Ananas - for Pineapples and Bromeliads
Pikake - for fragrant plants
Home - for tender houseplants including Gesneriads.

Each bottle has easy to follow directions as to the amount and timing of the specific application making it perfect for a home gardener to produce lush plants, vegetables, and beautiful flowers.


Citron - for citrus trees
Orchidasm - for your tender Orchids. Safe to use as a foliar spray as well


Our MICRO-ELEMENTS AND BIO-STIMULANTS are designed to help the user correct and prevent deficiencies, improve flowering and fruit quality, help with stress and disease relief, boost young plants and also to improve germination rates of seeds and survival rates of cuttings.

Sunshine EPI - a brassinosteroid plant hormone that improves metabolism and the immune system in plants. A must have for every gardener.
Sunshine Superfood - the ultimate micro-element supplement used as a foliar spray and root drench. Used monthly, it helps to prevent deficiencies, and disease.
Sunshine Honey - sugar booster used to improve fruit set during flowering and makes fruit sweeter, tastier and more flavorful.
For more information on our Micro-Elements, see the Professional Grower or Home Gardener drop down menus above

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