SUNSHINE™ in a Bottle: micro-elements and bio-stumulants

What is SUNSHINE™ in a Bottle?

SUNSHINE™ in a Bottle Plant Boosters - are micro-elements and bio-stimulants that have been successfully used on tropical plants at nursery over the last decade, with amazing results!

Trace elements in combination with amino acids and organic acids are the best nutrition solutions for your plants.
SUNSHINE™ products are amino-acid based and do not contain synthetic chelators - ETDA, DTPA, HEDP, which can accumulate in soil.

SUNSHINE Constanta-Pro

The most complete micro-element supplement for every watering

Works at very low concentrations, to be used through irrigation injector. Amazing results after being tested on large commercial vegetable crops.
Use in combination with SUNSHINE-SuperFood foliar spray


% mass


ppm in irrigation water
at doze 0.15 ml/l

N (amino-acids)




MgO (amino-chelated)




Fe (amino-chelated)




Mn (amino-chelated)




Zn (amino-chelated)




Cu (amino-chelated)




B (chelated)




Mo (amino-chelated)




Co (chelated)









Ultimate micro-element supplement

Poor root growth? Pale or yellow leaves? Die backs? Curled leaves? Slow growth? Flowers are small or not fragrant? Mishapen, small fruit or no fruiting? Don't let your plants starve... SUNSHINE SuperFood is your answer to all these problems! Perfect for garden and house plants, SUNSHINE Super Food is a revolutionary new product released in 2018.
It is a complex supplement containing microelements, ultra-microelements, glycinates, as well as SUNSHINE-Honey ingredients. Providing the following elements - N-NH2, MgO, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B, Mo, SO3 - it shows amazing results in plant development, treating different element deficiencies, and improving fruit trees production.

SUNSHINE Super Food advantages:

- improves plant vigor, quality of flowers and fruit
- very high bioavailability of microelements for plants,
- glycine - amino acid, immediately incorporated into the plant protein,
- the preparations are biodegradable and do not pollute the soil, in contrast to the complexes at EDTA,
- high stability of iron complexes, in contrast to EDTA,
- supplementation in top dressing calcium and magnesium,
- high compatibility with other plant treatment products,
- very high stability of preparations during storage and dilution,
- boron is a part of an organic complex,
- compatible with hard and river water.


Mix 5 ml of SUNSHINE SuperFood in 1 gal of water, spray foliage and drench root ball once a month.

Available packaging:

N-NH2 - 2.19%
MgO - 1.00%
Fe - 0.67%
Mn - 0.42%
Zn - 0.21%
Cu - 0.04%
B - 0.17%
Mo - 0.0042%
SO3 - 4.26%
pH of the concentrate = 3

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Makes leaves green quickly

SUNSHINE-GreenLeaf - liquid Iron supplement with other micro-elements. Makes plants green very quickly.

DIRECTIONS: Mix 5 ml of SUNSHINE-GreenLeaf in 1 gal of water, spray foliage and drench root ball once a month.

N-NH2 (aminoacids) 4,21%
Fe 2,77%
Mn 2,77%

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Natural plant hormone

General plant stimulant
For seeds and cuttings
For bonsai and caudex
For houseplants
For improving cold hardiness... and much more!

Active ingredient: 24-epibrassinolide (brassinosteroid)
2.5 ml per 1 gal of distilled water
Application: foliar spray every 2-4 weeks to improve hardiness and metabolism, or as needed for seed germination, rooting cuttings, establishing stressed plants, etc.

SUNSHINE™ Epi is a naturally occurring brassinosteroid plant hormone. It contains a naturally occurring plant hormone of brassinosteroid category: 24-Epibrassinolide. Developed specifically for applications on tropical plants. Can be used as well on seeds, seedlings, herbs, vegetable plants (completely organic and safe). It is proved to be a magic growth promoter, improves cold hardiness and heat tolerance of tropical plants.

SUNSHINE™-Epi is a new improved formula of a natural plant growth hormone and the first representative of a new generation of agricultural chemicals, specifically designed for tropical plants, vegetables, and fruit trees. SUNSHINE™-Epi has a broad spectrum of stimulative and protective activities. Synthetically prepared chemical 24-epibrassinolide, the active ingredient of SUNSHINE™-Epi, belongs to a class of brassinosteroids and is identical in all respects to the naturally occurring plant hormone. SUNSHINE™-Epi products are better stabilized than any previous chemicals of this group. A new improved formula of this plant stimulant contains special ingredients that provide more effective and faster action of the hormone.

SUNSHINE™-Epi formula is designed specifically for tropical plants, including
- flowering ornamentals and fruit trees
- woody species in which metabolism is usually slower than one of herbaceous plants
- vegetables, both leafy and tuberous,and herbs

SUNSHINE™-Epi acts in extremely low doses, which are comparable with the natural content of epibrassinolide in a plant. It is ecologically safe, nontoxic in relation to human, pets, useful insects and fish.

The compatibility of SUNSHINE™-Epi with other agricultural chemicals allows it to be used along with other treatments.

SUNSHINE™-Epi Improves:
- immunity of a plant, resistance to pesticide injury and diseases, stresses and unfavorable conditions such as drought, cold, low light, low humidity, high salinity, chill, insufficient nutrients
- quality and weight of fruit, promotes fruit setting
- flowering profusion and tuber formation

SUNSHINE™-Epi Stimulates:
- physiological processes and growth of a plant (all parts), shortens the period for maturity
- root development in cuttings
- seed germination, increases germination rate
- new roots and healing of damaged roots on bare-rooted plants

SUNSHINE™-EpiMagic” effects:
- effective post-transportation treatment to help plants to recover from shipping stress
- diminishes disease injury
- induces hermaphrodite flower and female flower
- makes leaves look healthy and shiny
- makes flowers bigger
- can inhibit aging
- can break dormancy
- gives more chances to bring a plant back to life within hours/days

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Advanced plant protector with Silicon

SUNSHINE™ Power-Si is an advanced plant protector with Silicon (Si) as an active element.
Silicon (Si) is an element that is very common in nature, and there is an abundance of it in most soils. However, since Si is found primarily as silicate minerals, aluminum silicates, and several forms of silicon dioxide, a problem comes into play. Simply adding large amounts of these won’t help the plant due to variables in the soil. The reason is, the conversion of these solid silicon compounds into the only known plant-available silicon compound - monosilicic acid (MSA), is very low! However, when there is enough Si (in available form), it can dramatically increase photosynthetic activity, insect and disease resistance, enhance drought and frost tolerance, and so much more. The revolutionary supplement SUNSHINE-Power is that exact special formula that makes Silicon easily available to the plant metabolism.

SUNSHINE™ Power-Si can be used with every watering to maintain pH between 5.5-6.5.

DIRECTIONS: 25 ml per 1 gal of water. Can be used on daily basis or as needed. Also recommended as a foliar spray once a month.

SiO2 in form of Monosilicic Acid - 1%
Vitamins - 3%

SUNSHINE™ Power-Si is a Powerful Booster with Balls!

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Sugar Booster

SUNSHINE™ Honey - is a natural, Amber-colored, honey-like liquid microelement product for fruiting and edible plants that will make them sweeter, tastier and more flavorful! Very effective for tropical fruits, tubers and vegetables. Great for tropical fruit trees: Mango, June Plum, Annonas, Tropical Cherries, Carambola, Citrus; subtropical fruit trees: Peaches, Apricots, Loquat and berry plants (blackberry, mulberry, etc.). 
Apply up to 5 times a year (you may start any time of the year):
1) in Spring on new growth - solution may be diluted for tender foliage sensitive to Boron applications - 1 ml per 1 gal of water
2) in about 2 weeks after 2d treatment, during active growth, with regular solution concentration
3) at time of setting buds, approximately 2 weeks before flowering
4) 1-2 weeks after flowering
5) before dormancy (Fall - Early Winter)

Boron (B) 11.000% - water soluble
Molybdenum (Mo) 0.005% - water soluble
Derived from: boric acid H3BO3 and ammonium heptamolybdate tetrahydrate (NH4)6Mo7O24·4H2O
pH of water solution (2.5 ml concentrate per 1 gal of water) = 7,5-8

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A natural humate vitamin for plants

SUNSHINE-HumiHum is an extract of humic acids made from 100% organic raw material - leonardite. The effect of humic acids on plants can be compared with the effect of vitamins on humans. Even considering normal nutrition intake, with lack of vitamins the human body fails to to efficiently absorb those nutrients. If the soil is saturated with humic acids - the plants receive a sufficient amount of fertilizer from the first shoots up to harvest.
SUNSHINE-HumiHum provides for your fruit trees and edibles:
Significantly (up to 30-50%) increases the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves. Chlorophyll is the only source of organic matter for plants.
Accelerates and improves the distribution of nutrients inside the plant and to the fruits.
The plant spends less energy supplying new shoots and fruits.
Causes root growth and increases the number of root hairs. Due to this, there is a more active consumption of moisture and fertilizer from the soil.
Humic acid in the SUNSHINE-HumiHum beneficial effect on soil:
Improves fertility and soil structure.
Increases the availability of trace elements for plants.
Promotes moisture retention on sandy soils.
Cleans the soil by binding heavy metals.
Humic acids - are part of humus - a fertile layer of soil rich in nutrients for plants. Humic acids do not dissolve in water and therefore are practically inaccessible to plants in natural conditions. If they are converted to potassium or sodium salts, which are water-soluble, their biological benefits will increase significantly. Humic acid salts are called humates, they work as vitamins for plants and saturate plants with essential nutrients. Humic acid is also actively involved in the fight against environmental pollution due to the ability to absorb heavy metal ions.

Potassium Humate 8% (Consists of humic+fulvic acids 6.6%, K2O 1.4%)

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