SUNSHINE™ Complete Nutrition System

Exactly what your plants need and nothing they don’t

  • New generation of smart fertilizers and micro-nutrients based on Amino-Acids
  • Presice and perfectly balanced formulas designed for complete nutrient intake
  • Provides the most effective, complete nutrition program for hydroponics and container plants
  • Perfect solubility of purified mineral salts ensures no toxic residues
  • Created by Top Tropicals - the leading authority in plant booster development
  • Tested on tropical plants and edibles with excellent results

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The 4 secrets of getting your plants with the amazing look are:

  • the right nutrients
  • the right soil
  • proper care
  • lots of light

If you've been stuck at figuring out how to feed your plants, SUNSHINE Complete Nutrition System is the simple answer.

Topic of nutrients can be a pretty confusing for most people, even professional growers. Nutrient producing companies offer so many products with so many nutrient lines and extra supplements, and additional additives. Besides, most products on the market are quite expensive. What to chose so feeding your plants doesn't hit your budget? Even if you managed to select products that you think may work, you need to figure out the dosage and keep up with schedules which can be very complicated. This takes all the fun from your growing process that may become stressful and creates extra work.

SUNSHINE Complete Nutrition System has everything you need for successful growing: great growing medium, and a complete nutrient line called the SUNSHINE Boosters that includes not only macro elements (NPK) but all necessary micro-elements and additives. So it works exactly like it should - gives your plants the minerals they need.

SUNSHINE Complete Nutrition System is the simple and easy way to do plant nutrients while keeping the cost low.

What makes Sunshine Boosters so cool?

  • Amino-acid based, stable solutions
  • No EDTA chelators = no build up of nutrients/salts
  • Do not affect plant pure taste
  • Plants grow faster, bigger, and produce more buds
  • Mild concentrations eliminate dozing error
  • Safe for daily use, scientifically-balanced formulas
  • Just one, ready to use NPK solution per stagу of plant development
  • Only 3 simple components for complete feed
  • Pollinating insects friendly

Sunshine Nutrition System Made Simple: just add water!

Advantages of SUNSHINE Complete Nutrition System

  • Nutrition solutions are ready to use. No need to mix ingredients and figure out ratios, just add water!
  • Delicate formula is safe for everyday use, with every watering
  • SUNSHINE products do not affect taste of edible plants
  • Stabilized formulas due to micronutrient complexes chelated with amino acids, not EDTA.
  • Light-colored (color-coded) solutions are easy to deal with, and yet do not stain
  • Easy to refill by ordering online at
  • Ideal for automatic dozing / injectors. Easily get the required fertilizer ratio in the irrigation solution: just add prescription boosters to the water.
  • Mild formulas prevent chance of overdozing due to injector errors
Regular Concentrated Nutrients SUNSHINE Complete Nutrition System
Number of solutions to mix can be 10-20 and more, with dosage variations at least on weekly basis. Often confusing and complicated. Convenient 1 solution for each stage of plant development, plus Constanta (mocro-elements) and Ca-Support.
Always same dosage: 5-25 ml/gal for NPK (depending on growth stage), 2-5 ml/gal for other boosters
Ingredients must be mixed in ratios according to plant development stage Nutrition solutions are ready to use. No need to mix ingredients and figure out ratios, just add water!
If one of many solutions/ingredients is missed, plants stop developing All essenstial ingredients are present in solutions by stages. No need to keep track!
N, Mg, Mn and other elements affect taste and quality of edibles due to high concentration formulas Mild concentrations do not affect plant taste and flavor
Recommended NPK rates too high for some hydroponics including cannabis Delicate, gentle NPK formula that fits all hydroponic needs
Misco-element recommended concentrations tend to end in nutrient burn

Ideal formulas for micro-element complexes, mild recommended concentrations, stable solutions

Common injector error is 2-3 ml. Easy to overdoze and harm the plants Injector error less than 10% of requred dosage, safe for plants
EDTA - commonly used chelator that is not a naturally occurring compound. It accumulates inside a plant tissue and soil while continuing to bind important nutrients. Micronutrient complexes chelated with amino acids which allows to stabilize micronutrients in solution. Amino acids are used by plant for fast growth and development. They form very strong complexes with micronutrients allowing plant to absorb micronutrients.
Large (heavy and bulky) containers of nutrients, extra amounts must be stored away and require special storage solutions.

Smaller bottles, easy to refill by ordering online at
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Pouring from canisters or large bottles can be a pain; easy to spill while pouring. Convenient dropper bottles for individual applications are great for small-scale growers.

Some nutrient products are heavy-colored with an odd consistency so you need a towel before pouring nutrients.

Light-colored (color-coded) solutions are easy to deal with, and yet do not stain: nutrient water a lighter color.
Intensely-colored solutions make it difficult to use drop-type pH test kits Light colored nutrient water makes it easier to use inexpensive drop-type pH test kits which can last for years

Why Sunshine Booster liquid fertilizers are better than using dry NPK fertilizers

Dry fertilizers Liquid SUNSHINE Boosters
Designed for use in the field/garden, i.e. cannot work year around. They can contain a lot of ammonium salts and a lot of excess salts, such as potassium chloride with excess chlorine. SUNSHINE Boosters are designed for long-term use, year around, for constant watering of plants with nutrients solution. They have no unnecessary components and the exact amount of fertilizer that a plant needs at each stage.
Contain trace elements in the form of EDTA complexes (synthetic acid compounds that build up in soil) and do not contain iron. The amounts of trace elements from dry NPKs are not designed to fully meet all plant needs when using soilless mixes (soilless mixes lack many essential elements). Trace elements are chelated with amino acids. Total amount is calculated precisely to provide complete nutrition to the plant.
Calcium can not be mixed with NPK dry fertilizers. It forms insoluble compounds with phosphates and sulfates, so it has to be always dosed separately. Calcium presents along with additives - complex agents and pH regulators. This allows you to dose calcium, sulfates, trace elements and other additives in one solution without fear of fertilizer lock out.
Hard to calculate the precise element dosage for each stage of plant development which always wary (growing stage - more nitrogen, vs flowering - more phosphorus and potassium, etc.) The number of nutrients for each stage of plant development is already accurately pre-selected, just follow the feeding chart.
The low cost of dry NPK fertilizers applies to large-scale applications only. When growing 4-6 plants, it makes no sense to buy 50 lb. bag of fertilizer that will never be fully consumed or goes bad before used up. And if you mix all necessary dry fertilizers - you need to buy 3-5 bags that may never be used up. Precise custom amounts per growth recipe.
Do not contain plant growth stimulants. Growing crops without additional boosters of growth and development is money down the drain. Only using SUNSHINE Boosters you can fully unleash the potential of your plants.
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