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Coming soon: SmartoKot

This revolutionary fertilizer is currently under development and testing by SUNSHINE Boosters.

This is a slow action fertilizer and is not dependent on external conditions or dosage. A little too much will not burn plants. It is used for root feeding of plants with all necessary macro and micro elements.

What SmartoKot does:

- increases the growth of green mass of plants and stimulates root formation
- normalizes metabolism in plant
- has a positive effect on chlorophyll synthesis and the intensity of plant photosynthesis
- increases the intensity of flowering and the number of ovaries
- promotes an increase in fruit size and quality


NPK 4 - 27 - 8 + Mg 8% + Ca 6% + S 4.5% + micro-elements Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu.

SmartoKot actions

SmartoKot does not contain ballast salts.

All complex fertilizers and delayed-action fertilizers contain ballast sulphates, chlorides, sodium. Sunshine SmartoKot delayed-release fertilizer contains only potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, trace elements and pure water as part of a complex compound.

The solubility of SmartoKot is always the same.

The difference between solubility at 50°F and 110° F is only 10%. Traditional delayed-release fertilizers dissolve depending on the temperature. For example, a well known brand of delayed-dissolve fertilizer guarantees the performance at 70F. At 50F, its dissolution rate decreases by 30% or more; at 90F, it increases by 50% or more. This leads to the fact that in the cold season, the plants receive less fertilizer, and in the heat, the plants receive an excess amount of fertilizer. This is why we recommend using SUNSHINE Boosters as our products are not heat dependent.

SmartoKot dissolution rate increases upon contact with plant roots.

This property is not specific to any delayed-action fertilizers. SmartoKot special formula interacts with carbon dioxide released by the roots during respiration and releases the magnesium and phosphorus needed by the plants root system. At the same time, the concentration of nutrients cannot exceed the general recommended values.

It is impossible to burn the roots and leaves of plants with SmartoKot.

It is not recommended to leave well known brands of slow release fertilizers in direct contact with the root system or plant leaves. SmartoKot - can be poured directly into the substrate when planting or placed directly over the bare root system without the risk of burning or overfeeding. In fact, it will only make the results better!

Dosing rates

For small plants (up to 1 gal pot): 5-7 grams or 2 teaspoons per plant
For large plants (3-7 gal pot): 8-10 grams or 1 full Tablespoon per plant

When to apply?

When you are ready to make your first transplant from seedling stage to the plant’s first pot, that would be the time to first apply this fertilizer. Just mix a little in the substrate where you are going to put the seedling and then when you make your hole, put in a teaspoon right there.

More information coming soon, along with this awesome product!


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