The Robuster™: automatic smart fertilizer injector system

Automatic precise dosing · Low or high flow · Great for backyards · Patent pending

The Robuster, automatic smart fertilizer injector system
Top Tropicals gardens fertilized with the Robuster

What is The Robuster?

The Robuster is a unique system designed to automatically inject liquid fertilizers during every watering. It can be used to water anything from a couple of small pots up to as much as 600 GPH.

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What's in the box?

Which liquid fertilizer is the best to use with theRobuster?

The Robuster has been designed to use Sunshine Boosters liquid fertilizers to provide maximum effect. It can, however, be used with any other brand of liquid fertilizers that require a dosage from 5 - 25 ml/gallon.

What are the main advantages of The Robuster?

  • · No need to turn it on. theRobuster starts working when water is flowing.
  • · Automatic dosing. theRobuster tracks water flow and doses the required amount of fertilizer.
  • · Precise dosing. If you set the fertilizer dosing amount at 10 ml per gallon, it doses precisely 10 ml per gallon.
  • · The Robuster works well with a wide range of water flows. Minimum water flow is 0.5 GPM
  • · The Robuster works well with a wide range of water pressure. From gravity fed systems (no pressure at all) to 50 PSI.
  • · The Robuster does not rely on water pressure to create suction in order to work. It doses fertilizers using a small pump and there are no pressure drops after The Robuster.

The Robuster specifications

  • · Doses any liquid boosters and fertilizers
  • · Water flow: 0.5-25 GPM
  • · Fertilizer dosage: 5 - 30 ml per gallon
  • · Water pressure: 0 – 70 PSI
  • · Continuous operation: not limited
  • · Power consumption: 10W

How does The Robuster compare with other systems?

  • Venturi injector
    • · Requires high flow for operation
    • · Very inaccurate dosing. Amount of fertilizer depends on water flow
    • · Not suitable for small backyard and drip-irrigation applications
  • Water-pressure operated dosing system
    • · Limited water flow range in which it can operate. Low and high flow applications require different systems
    • · Accurate dosing
    • · Pressure drops in system
    • · Not suitable for small backyard and drip-irrigation applications
  • The Robuster
    • · Works with virtually any water flow
    • · Very accurate and easy to setup dosing
    • · Virtually maintenance-free
    • · Suitable for any kind applications: large, small backyard and drip-irrigation

The Robuster components:

Can the components be installed anywhere?

The Robuster electrical components must be protected from elements. It can be in a shed or greenhouse or in a waterproof box as illustrated in the above photo.

Installed units:

The Robuster is assembled in the USA and comes with a 180 day warranty

The Robuster installation instructions and map:

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